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Find enjoyable and quality content through our open-source modding platform built for the community. Create stuff, get paid*, and deploy your project with our fully documented API!

Constantly evolving and improving

The Modrinth team and contributors update the platform constantly to ensure sharing and finding Minecraft content is as easy and seamless as possible. Modrinth relies on its community to steer development and to suggest features. Track our progress on GitHub, and get involved via Discord.

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A growing platform

Since its start in 2020, Modrinth has experienced rapid growth, in both its functionality and selection of mods. With no stopping in sight, Modrinth intends to keep expanding and growing to be the best Minecraft content platform it can be.

A Minecraft village at night with players wrestling to control a dinosaur, fighting one another, and a player riding an ender dragon.

Open straightforward API

Modrinth enables rich integration with its free-to-use API. With no restrictions, developers are empowered to

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const response = await fetch('')
const results = await response.json()


// hits: Array(10) [ {…}, {…}, {…}, … ]
// limit: 10
// offset: 0
// total_hits: 3232